Listen To Hamlet, Horatio

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Listen To Hamlet, Horatio

February 11th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  A brief overview of the Multiversal Cataloging System can be found courtesy of Unicorn Jelly right here. Unlike the universes of Pastel or Tryslmaistan, Torocyclundis is similar to our own cosmos, Mundis Mundis. Torocyclundis is a Mundis-class cosmos, which, in part, means that the cosmos overall has a very low atmospheric pressure, essentially what we would call a vacuum, less than a handfull of atomic equivalents per cubic meter at most.

The wheel-shaped planetary bodies of Torocyclundis form naturally, according to local physical laws, which demand large material formations follow this geometry. The equivalent of stars are small, and use principles very different from the atomic fusion of our own universe. The stars cycle through the middle of the ring of the planets, swinging up, slowing, then swinging down again, in a straight line through the center of the planetary hole. The result of this is that the hottest regions are on the inside of the ring, and the coldest are on the outside rim. Moderate environments are to be found between the two areas, and these moderate zones also experience a complete cycle of day and night. For the cold areas it is always night, and for the warm areas, the sun never completely sets, but is always visible in the sky.

The planetary structures, with their partnered stars, are arranged in incredibly vast rings that span truly incredible distances, aligned like beads in a necklace. The super-rings of planets are themselves seperated by incredibly vast distances, making for a very empty looking cosmos, at least from a narrow perspective.

On these ring shaped worlds are vast and incredibly diverse life forms which do not suffer from an earthly cycle of life and death. Torocycludis is a fully extropic-type universe, which means that potential energy has the capacity to inevitably increase, rather than decrease. Following this, the Pocket Universe of Torocyclundis is expanding hyperdimensionally, and will continue to expand to infinity, growing ever more filled with worlds and life. This expansion allows the flow of time to mimic something not unlike our own concept of it, while still supporting a constant, anti-entropic increase in complexity and information.

Torocyclundis, with infinite life spans, immortality, constantly increasing diversity, and endless exploration and adventure is what is sometimes referred to as a 'heaven-class' cosmos, among smart-ass Cosmological Engineering students. Actually smart, as opposed to smart-ass Cosmological Engineering students simply call such a universe 'home'.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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