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Quarter Circle Forward !

December 7th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: I think the basic inspiration for Chartreuse, as a combatant, is a medusa that spits fireballs. I try to make the Chatoyance cannons on her helmet have the quality of snakes, writhing and swaying in the panels. Heliotrope, as a combatant, is perhaps a fairy, or an angel, with the oversized pauldrons (spaulders, if you prefer!) on her shoulders looking very like wings.

The costumes also have a little bit of thought behind them. Chartreuse has a brown shirt, an association with her fascist employer, and her helmet symbolizes her 'hard headed' approach. She wears a collar, because she has been beaten down and enslaved after a fashion, and green is her color of envy of those with a better life. Her suspenders are crossed, representing the conflict she embodies.

Heliotrope, following the angel or fairy concept, is in purest silver-white, although her diagonally placed green arm and leg denote a split, her place halfway between the animate and the inanimate, being between universes, being human and being something else. Heliotrope (the color) is associated with wild imagination and magical thinking, and this is her hair, which is also her superhero cape. The Omnipitor is the heart she displays openly, and her Jellese-styled eyes offer that she sees life differently. She walks on points, rather than feet, because she is always in an unstable situation, because of what she is, and because of her ultimate fate. The twin diamond shapes on her pauldrons, reminiscent of the marks on Samurai armor, place her as both warrior and elite...she is above the common world, both literally and figuratively.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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