For August 2004


August 17th, 2004 

New Directions

 There are moments in doing a work of art where something just leaps out and demands to be done, and the art takes on a direction of its own, because it must. Rounding a corner, returning from lunch, I was still pondering just how to handle the next part of Pastel Defender Heliotrope. To those that know the original Kamishibai story, what happens next is not entirely a mystery, but is well implied. The question is how to show it.

The new direction for this Chapter, chapter seven, suddenly hit me, like a bolt from the blue -as they say- and I knew in an instant it was exactly perfect. It will doubtless utterly throw some people, and that cannot be helped, but I hope that the majority of readers will find what I think will be the best chapter thus far, and certainly the most memorable, as wonderous as I imagine it is going to be. In terms of symbolism, and message, the whole concept just floors me, but we shall see if I am as clever as I imagine, or even if I can pull off such a difficult chapter at all. I cannot say I am without terror at the prospect of doing this chapter.

I think it will make or break this comic. That's pretty heavy stuff, for me at least, since I care so dearly about the silly little things I draw.

So, gentle reader, please keep an open mind, I beg, as I now flip Pastel Defender Heliotrope squarely end over teakettle and spank its illustrated ass.

Oh deary indeed!




August 21st, 2004 

A New Address

 In order to hopefully gain a wider audience of readers by making Pastel Defender Heliotrope more noticeable on the internet, especially by search engines, the comic has been moved to a domain name of its own. The new address is


And all links would best be served by being changed to this new, permanent address. There is a referral switch in place, but long term, changing your links would be best.

Why was this not done originally? I was trying to save my family a few dollars at the time, and I also did not think having an original domain name would matter, to tell the truth. I figured could act as a magnet site, and I could just keep doing stuff there forever. That is not working out as I had hoped. To be seen out there on the internet, by search engines at least, it is best to have a unique domain name; most search engines do not dig far, or at all, into a given website, at least anymore.

I have sent a message off to Andrew Pam who mirrors PDH on the marvelous Australian GlassWings site, so that my readers in the southern hemisphere will not have to suffer a wait for updates.

Hopefully, this change of location will result, in time, in more readers.

On the other hand, if you would like to help...please feel free to publicize Pastel Defender Heliotrope, if you like it, and let folks know it exists. That would be really nice!



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