For MAY 2005


May 11th, 2005 

Family Catastrophe

 Eldenath remains still gravely ill, struck down by what may be some sort of heart illness or failure, possibly a clot. Tests have been made, but she is utterly weak and out of breath, with chest discomfort relieved by nitroglycerin. Nothing as yet from any doctor. We see the next one tomorrow.




May 25th, 2005 

Slightly Better

 Eldenath seems to be gradually gaining energy and breath, but can become utterly exhausted after minimal effort. Still no idea of what might be wrong with her from the is just insane. I cannot express my annoyance at the medical establishment in this case. Test after test, and nothing, nothing shows. I am beginning to think we may never know what struck her down, though the best guess still remains a blood clot. Presumably she is gradually dissolving the clot, if this is the case. All we can do is hope that she continues her slow improvement and becomes well again, as the doctors, thus far, have been next to useless.

Inexplicable serious illnesses are....terrible.




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