For October 2005


October 4th, 2005 

Holland Is Flooding

 The title for today (page 138) is one I have been waiting to use for probably well on three months. It's just a lovely little naughty pun, and I really wanted a page that was worth using it on. I think I did OK, more or less.

I had another anniversary, my 24th, with another of my three spouses, Sandra. Sandi and I were the first of my family to get together, and she is the person I trust most in all of the world. I took her out to the Hunt Club in Seattle, which is a very wonderful, and very swank, restaurant. We had a happy time. I also made her a 45 minute radio show about our relationship together which she may well play on her Seattle/Fall City radio station, KCFL.  We have had an adventurous life together, so it makes for pretty good radio, or so she tells me!

It has been a busy week for us. Over last weekend, we had Stephen's (yet another of my spouses) parents over to visit us. They are really wonderful people, and it was a joy to see them again. Stephen is the only one of us that has truly enjoyable parents to visit with. Stephen made his specialty dishes, which are a superb pesto dish, and utterly fantastic pizza. Stephen is our resident gourmet chef. His skill is truly incredible.

Of course I played hostess, which is fun, but also exhausting too. I was glad that I worked really hard the previous week to store up two pages of Pastel for posting on Wednesday (when they arrived) and again this wednesday (just a day or two after they left.) I wouldn't have had the energy to draw during that time. That extra work let me keep my posting schedule, so as not to disappoint any readers.  I am hoping that if I keep a very clockwork schedule, just perhaps my readership may increase. We shall see! It would be nice to have Pastel equal the number of readers that Unicorn Jelly recieved.

So, I am pretty tired, but also pretty happy overall. I am almost beginning to be happy with my artwork, too. It does seem to be getting a little better, or at least I keep telling myself that (positive thinking!). I have already laid out the basic outlines of the next page, 139:

The next step is inking and painting it. I also need to get back to doing more pages of To Save Her as well, so I don't burn up my reserve there. I like having some reserve comics 'in the can' ready to post. It definately helps with consistancy.

Oh, and then there is the matter of my Impossible Things series on Jenniverse. Gah! I'll do another one of those when I have the energy to spare, and the time. So much comics to do, so little time and energy to do them in. I just have to pace myself. Pacing is vital!




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