For August 2006


August 10th, 2006 

Bad Week

 No Pastel Defender this week, sadly. A lot of things went wrong. Computer troubles knocked our websites off the net for about three days, and my back went out.

Several years ago I was nearly croaked in a auto collision. The only reason I survived was that I was wearing my seatbelt (they really do make that much of a difference, friends, wear your goddamn belts, OK?). I lucked out with only a few broken ribs, a torn liver, and having one of my vertebral disks blow out. The ribs and the liver healed up nicely, but my lower back has never been the same. Permanent damage. Every once in a while, my back just...pops out of place, and it is excrutiating to sit, stand, move, be alive, anything. Frankly it astonishes me how one little destroyed vertebral disk can cause so much agony.

After three days of this (my back went ouch out about the same time the sites went down) Stephen allocated funds to send me to a chiropractor, and that made all the difference in the world. I am still sore, but at least now I can walk, stand, sit, and generally function again.

What this means for you is that I can once again continue work on the next PDH, which I am doing. It will appear next week, on Wednesday.

Because I already have Friday's To Save Her in the can, that comic will not be interrupted.

I have added a new desktop, though, one panel from the upcoming comic. I am very proud of the AntiPrspective HyperTweezers depicted in it. The idea of them is based loosly on a semi-lucid dream I once had, which will be explained in detail with the next comic.



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