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January 2nd, 2006 

Server Nightmares, Unhappy New Year

 These last few days have seen a great deal of interruption of website service for Pastel Defender Heliotrope, as well as for all the rest of our sites. The reason has been a very difficult server move to a new location; the new router has had problems and there have been many software configuration problems. As I write these words all of our websites are currently off the net, and I am unsure exactly when they will be back on. Nevertheless, I steadfastly plod on, painting the next Pastel page, and prepping the next To Save Her.

This is the first New Year that I have never felt any celebratory feeling for in my life. I dread the coming year, in point of fact.

Living, as I do, in America, I see the incredible corruption of the current administration, the illegal war, the stripping of basic constitutional rights and liberties, the open spying upon the populace, the increasing police security checks on ordinary citizens, the institution of 'free speech zones' for protesters, where once the entire nation was a free speech zone, the complete elimination of checks and balances, the endless parade of soldiers to their death, and those that return permanently disabled, the total financial bankruptcy of the nation remedied only by upping the national debt limit, the recent handing over of the military chain of command in case of disaster to a civilian corporate leadership, the wanton and deliberate loss of New Orleans through neglect, and of course the blatant specter of the 911 theatrical showpiece, the controlled demolition of the towers and building six, being used to maintain sufficient paranoia in the populace as to allow for a facist takeover of America without complaint.

But I also see many beginning to wake up to these facts, from scientists demonstrating that physical law does not allow for the 911 incident to be anything but a controlled demolition, a staged performance of airplane and preinstalled demolition charge, all to create "a Pearl Harbor like event" to occur; and even stauchly conservative leaders beginning to demand impeachment of the president and vice president...and these actions worry me even more.

For a vicious animal, backed into the corner, will oft try desperate things.

I fear that in this year of 2006, with the congressional elections in order, if the criminal powers currently in place as the leaders of my government feel sufficiently threatened, we may have another such 'Pearl Harbor event' occur, or some other drastic, possibly nuclear, horror, which would allow the elimination of elections at all, or at the very least, a guarantee of fear-driven support for the regime, and this means nothing less than the final conclusion to the idea of America as a free nation.

I see great possibility of complete facist takeover, of financial ruin and of a great horror of destruction played out to quiet the masses by frightening them. It may seem strange to hear one such as I talk in patriotic terms, that at some level I actually care about the nation I live within, but in my childhood, it was well inculcated within me, such notions as the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and a free and democratic (even if it is in reality just a Republic) state.

Frankly, I see 1984 happening around me, Animal Farm around me, and America becoming Oceania.

Thus, in dreading what I see coming, I fear for the year of 2006. Big Brother is here, his Zaphod Beeblebrox-like stumbling frontman is George Bush, and the calculating men behind that face are reaching the climax of their little rape of America, and the question is whether the mother-country will throw them off before the critical moment, or whether the rapists will beat her into complete and total submission to their totalitarian ejaculate.

Either way, I am convinced America will be left with a severe social disease, whatever the outcome.

I can only return to the opiate comforts of drawing my silly little comics, but these concerns yet linger on.




By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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