For November 2007


November 15th, 2007 

The Bad Two Weeks

These first two weeks of November have been really bad in terms of my health. You might have noticed the lack of comics updates.

First my upper back had some kind of... blow out... for lack of any idea what it was. It reminded me of when my lower back pops out, a relic of a terrible car accident I was in years ago. That screwed me up for a week. As I was getting over that, I got hit by something that must have been food poisoning. I have no idea where it came from, but chills, low fever, muscle pains by the score, general loss of energy... nasty, whatever it was. Then my muscle pains turned to my drawing hand... my index finger got a numb spot on it, and started tingling like it was 'asleep'. This has progressed to affecting my thumb as well. I think my elbow is also affected somehow.

Sandi suggested that the illness may have inflamed an existing carpal tunnel - like condition, that I was unaware of until now. It's a problem to hold my pen.


Basically this is crap city.

I really want to finish Pastel by the end of this year, and it seems like that plan is being thwarted by unfortunate random taurofecalization.

Anyway, because this is so weird, I figured I would write it down, just so someday, if I get slammed by one thing after another, I can maybe go back and realize this crap happens sometimes, and happened before, once.

Comics will resume when I can hold my pen with less severe tingling and numbness issues. It's a pain, because I have everything half-done, and that bugs me.

Anyway, that's what's going on.



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