For April 2008


April 28th, 2008 

A Journey

I just got back from a long trip to California, to celebrate Stephen's mother's 70th birthday. 70 really is the new 50, as they say. Thinking about her, and such matters, it is amazing to me how age has changed within my lifespan. There was a time, in my early childhood, when 50 was considered old. It looked old. Steve's mother looks like she is 40 or 50 to me. She and Stephen's father go on cruises together, and all manner of adventurous things. At 70. Like it was nothing. Admittedly, they have been carved up over the years like Thanksgiving turkeys for all manner of ailments, from cancer to heart disease, but you would not know this unless you were told of it. Good genes? Perhaps. More like epigenetic effects born of a world changed by diet, medicine, and wealth, I think. In my childhood, nobody at age 70 looked, or was able to act and move, like these people. I dearly hope I can enjoy an age 70 that functions like 50 or 40. I just hope I make it to 70, actually, preferably more.

The trip was long, and I was so worn out I needed a week to feel good again. Trips can be taxing, even if they are fun.



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