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February 4th, 2008 

How Much Longer to the End?

I don't actually know for certain how much longer To Save Her will take. I know clearly how the story will progress to the end, but how long it will take to actually tell that story is not immediately apparent. It would be handy to have some way to gauge such things, when one is not really close to the end, just somewhat close. I suspect that Ishtar will be over before To Save Her, in which case I may have to find something else to fill in the Wednesday slot.

One of the lessons I have learned, in doing an online comic, is that readership is maintained best by regular, dependable updates, preferably every day of the work-week, or at minimum every other day. Yes, there are comics whose loyal readership puts up with a monthly or bi-monthly installment, but I cannot imagine they have as strong a base as those who are more consistant, and constant.

I would venture to suggest that skill and talent may be less necessary for the regular and constant than for the irregular and occasional; people will gladly suffer a regular but rather minor pleasure sometimes more than an undependable-but-brilliant work. Folks like consistency of product.

This is good to know for those of us that may not be... shall I say... quite as able as some artists out there. Thus I think it prudent to provide something regularly, and constantly to keep an audience.

When I took a year off after Unicorn Jelly, my audience vanished almost utterly. To be expected, really, but it was also a little disappointing that very few came back. If you lose your audience, it seems very hard to regain them.

So, it's constant production, consistantly, as a rule, I think. The show must go on, as it is said.



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