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March 17th, 2008 

The Spectre Of Burnout

Gah... if there is one thing I hate about doing my comics it is the issue of burnout. I am pretty darn diligent, I work hard, and I keep a solid pace, year after year after year. But eventually, after the second or third year of doing the same comic, or the same group of comics, I start to suffer burnout. It just gets harder and harder to draw.

This is happening now to me, which is why I took a week off of To Save Her.

Burnout is a real problem. I still love the story, but I no longer love the work. And the work is how the thing gets made at all. This is where I have to grind, to force myself. Oh, I hate when this happens.

I dare not just up and take a decent vacation - I will lose the rhythm, my... ability to tell the story. The longer I stay away, the greater the risk that I will just lose all capacity to finish the story at all. Or so I greatly fear.

On the other hand, I need a break. What to do?

I guess what I will try is to take the odd week off now and then, if I have something that really needs to be enjoyed, that will help at all. Last week's mini-vacation was all Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii. And a bit of Warhammer 40K. And some PSP Patapon and Gurumin fun. But mostly Brawl. It helped. A bit.

Not enough though.

What especially galls me, though, is that this is just the point where things start to heat up in the story, where the really cool stuff happens. What a crappy place to get an artistic flat tire!

But I always finish my work. That much you can trust. Eventually, I always finish what I start, if I at all can.

So, hang in there, and I will hang in there too.

But, I may have to take the odd week off now and then. Just to keep my sanity.

I'll try to avoid doing it too much.



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