For October 2008


October 17th, 2008


Up and Down

My median nerve issue has greatly improved, thanks to a combination of really good Chiropractic help, rest, and a new chair. It is amazing how long it takes to heal something like this, though. My numbness has retreated to the right side of the tip of my right index finger, and I now have hope that someday it may go away altogether. It was kind of scary for a while!

Elde brought home some kind of cold or flu or somesuch, so we've all been sick as can be for the past several weeks... I am just glad I had a store of pre-drawn comics in the can, because I have been in no shape to make more. It's been tough just to post them, as dopey as I have been feeling. If it isn't one thing it's another!

With today's comic, the flashback to Kaye's reasons for her action in To Save Her are completed, along with my attempt to recreate the original, simpler and lighter style that the comic began with. It is my wish, of course, that the reader will have an ample feeling for what made Kaye what she is, and what drives her now. It was a difficult thing to try to work out how to say enough without derailing the story into a morass of blubbing. I can only hope it worked. Now it is time to move into the end game of the story, for now the issues have been stated, the conflicting sides illuminated, and only the resolution remaining. Who will win? Pho, Ngo, Virtue and Vola, or Kaye? And what about skulking Only, out there somewhere running about? And what of reborn Chou in the tank, last seen in virtual space reading up on 'Ascention Made Simple' ?

I know, of course, but if I have done my job right, the reader will be wondering these things, and speculating wildly on what kind of outcome will result. It is by no means obvious that Tryslmaistan will survive; we have been shown that universes can be altered, even snipped entirely away, that storms and changes and causality are part of the multiverse of the story, both of intelligent origin, and natural cause. It has even been hinted that Tryslmaistan itself may be the last evidence of an erased universe that preceeded it. Will I kill off my own cosmos? Who will live and who will die? Would I actually kill off everyone?

If even one person can see all of this as real possibilities, and give a flying crap about the notions, my time has not been wasted.

And, yes, if it served the story, or made a point, I would kill them all without remorse. The story is god, the characters serve it, not the other way around. In the end, anyway.

I dearly hope this is not true of the fiction of our own lives. Dearly.





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