For September 2008


September 1st, 2008


Still Buggered

My median nerve is still buggered in my shoulder and elbow, leaving my index finger numb and my thumb and middle finger less than optimal. Drawing is a little difficult, to say the least. I am seeing a chiropracter as I can, and doing various stretches, exercises, and so forth, but things are not yet improving. If anything, they've gotten marginally worse, which is not happy.

Naturally, my amygdala is going nuts and I am irrationally terrified, seeing herds of zebras instead of the one horse in front of me. I suffer from perpetual intern's syndrome. I am very silly... and my panic disorder is very keen.

Anyway, this is all to say that updates may be a little sporadic for a bit, as I try to heal my arm as best I can. Drawing definately hurts it, but I will see what I can do, as I can do it. Sorry, everyone.

I'll try to find something to post, even if I can't get a comic done.


September 22nd, 2008


Back In The Saddle

I've still got a buggered median nerve. Sometimes I think the chiropracty is helping, sometimes I feel like no progress has been made. Frankly I don't know if I will ever get full sensation back in my index finger.

But the bottom line is that this isn't a problem with my wrist, or my elbow, or my finger as such, so I might as well draw, if I can. It's not Carpool Tunnel Syndrome... heck, I don't even own a car. Badump- TISH!

And that is what I have been doing, albeit much more slowly than usual. I haven't been slacking. It's just harder to control my finger, and thus my pen. I have to re-draw things, re-type things, and compensate a lot. But... that said, I have managed to do more comic, and you are seeing it today. There will be more on friday, and I feel confident that I can produce at a reasonable rate. I'm getting better at compensating for my loss of sensation more and more all the time.

We have reached what amounts to the final chapter of To Save Her; I feel confident that the story will reach its end before my birthday, December 30th. Things are going to get moving pretty quickly now, and we are going to find out all the answers to the various mysteries within our little 'pseudo film noir' drama about Kaye and her crew. I am sure that by now all readers have caught on that Kaye is not only not what she seemed, but is almost certainly not up to anything remotely good, and with today's comic  we have her plan spelled out. We'll hear even more, soon. Now we know why, when Virtue first entered the Mover, Kaye took him up into the Control Sphere to have a little talk, and why Virtue warned her about letting Mr. Pho translate that children's book about Chou.

Now we know what the 'Bunny-Kaye' was going on about, and why Kaye sounded so scary about Chou staying in the Meso-Tank. We will soon understand exactly what Kaye really meant back in strip 31, so very long ago. And more. Much more. There are clues throughout the weird events of  the story, from start to present, and if I have done my job right, you will be smacking your head, a little at least, and going 'Of course! It was right there in plain sight!'

At least that is my dream. I can hope.

What is to come? How will this sordid tale end? Death and tears and horror, one perpetual -and traditional to a Unicorn Jelly Story- mystery, and maybe, just maybe, one tiny bit of hope. And of course answers, and explanations, more than a few crossovers with my other works, and if all goes just right... a satisfying end.

Please stay with me to the conclusion. Sometime before the end of the year, numb finger or not.



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