For June 2009


June 29th 2009



And so we have at last arrived at the very final chapter of To Save Her.

The conclusion.

With today's strip, 366, there is no turning back, and no going anywhere else, no more paths to take, no new directions to take. All roads have led here, to this moment, this time, this place.

What is left of the Mover rips free from interstitial space, and begins a terrifying plummet to a final resting place. Our first two crew are our last two crew, Kaye and Pho, alone in the end, as they were at the start of Kaye's insane scheme.

We have heard their reasons and we have seen their actions; we have even had their apologies.

All that is left then, is judgement.

Out of all the rogue Kay-Wai variations, only our Kaye Haychold would not give in. One out of a slice of an infinite subset, she alone refused to find solice for the pain of her existence in love and companionship. When all the other variations met, and agreed to turn back, to give up their cause, she alone would not listen.

Her crew has paid the price for her inability to grow beyond her pain and anger. All but one.

Lymcit Pho, agent of the Twin Khans, who killed the last of the Jellese of his entire universe splay has survived, and he remains. Driven by shame for what he did, we still do not know if he cares for Kaye, or is simply trying to appease a ghost in his mind, her counterpart in his own cosmos, a former friend in that space, which he coldly murdered for power and praise from his superiors.

Kaye, who would murder history itself, and Pho, who murdered the last of an entire species.

What do they see, when they look into each other?

What will they do, if they survive their landing?

And above all, what will be the choice made, in the end?



By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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