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The Fixer-Upper

September 26th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Anentropy is often played with in my stories, and this is what you are seeing happening around the Mouth Of Kitlikikak above. Life is returning to the area around the Mouth, but this is not just because of warmth from the air of Pastel or light from the Strand Orb above the Mouth. Time is being selectively reversed around the Mouth, the temporal energy being stolen from Pastel. Anentropy is information restoration, entropy is information loss; the structures slowly reforming from the ruins are what was once there during the peak of Ktlikitkaktl. The greater the area that the lifeblood of Pastel spreads, the more of this arch will return to its former glory.

You can imagine what Ktlikitkaktl, the vampire cosmos, must have been like when it ruled time and space, with mouths open to a myriad of universes, new and hungry mouths opening all the time, continent-sized arches covered with life and treasures of the universes from which they take their survival. Ktlikitkaktl; a vast heart throbbing with the blood of a trillion, trillion other universes, draining them into the oblivion of absolute entropy, just to feed itself.

The Ktlikitkak themselves, dominating all, cells of this vast heart, imagining their kind to be the ultimate life form to which all else is cattle and food, living off of the stolen information of the universe: anathema. 

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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