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The Long Birthday

January 23rd, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The idea of a future super-technological civilization resurrecting all sapient beings in history to a new life as artificial, emulated beings is not original with me by any means, but it is a wonderful and inevitable fantasy. If - and it is a big if- humanity ever makes it to a post-singularity golden age, the possibility for mass ressurrection will be there. But the next question is who would do such a thing, and why would they bother?

Beyond curiousity, to such advanced beings, the dead of the past would be as unpleasant animal monsters, certainly not fit for civilized company. I postulate that the only hope would be if a mind not unlike ours somehow became emulated and had access to such power, for only they would have any reason to value our existences enough to bring us back from oblivion.


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