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Heliotrope Security Aoi

Ika Takozushi

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Shinto Priestess

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I love Gort.

Quick Character study for To Save Her

Closeup of panel from To Save Her showing Burangidaeni

Me and my Time Bandits map at age 23

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Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer. -Mark Twain (1835-1910)  




Just a piggy


Playing at a new look







I am very worried about Spore sucking badly (April 11, 2008)



Go is one of my favorite games, and I prefer it to chess. Where chess is a small-scale tactical battle between two opposing armies, Go is a large-scale strategic conflict where every playing piece, or stone, represents a single army. This painting consolidates how I envision the abstract Go board when I formulate my overall strategy within the game. For me, the lines are roads, the intersections are small towns and villages, and the star points are important capital cities with great influence on the surrounding land. The center of the board is the highlands, the edges the seacoast.

Go is a fantastic game, which I recommend, if you have never tried it. It is very simple to learn - there are only three rules and one exception. It is, however, despite being so simple in structure, vastly more complex in application than chess, or indeed perhaps any other board game. It is a case of emergent complexity.

Am I any good at it? No. I stink at Go. Doesn't matter, though... because I love it. I don't need to be great at something to enjoy it and love doing it.

If that were not true, this site, and my comics, would not exist.


You know it's going to happen. It's everybody's greatest fear.
It's going to happen. Nothing can stop it. Unfortunately.
So let it start with me. The profane, brought to you with at
least a little class and dignity.


 Spore Creations
Second, static image contains creature data.
Right click to save, then drag and drop into
Creature Creator Sporepedia to use.   

(Pastel Defender Heliotrope)

Bloobok -Native animal of the universe of Pastel. Sometimes kept as pets.

(Unicorn Jelly)

Jellese -Sapient organocrystalline being, native to the Tryslmaistan universe.

Construction note: Abilities can be given without disturbing design by using them as decoration - for example, the specular lighting in the eye-strips is actually an ability-granting (spit) part rotated upside down and used for an entirely different purpose!

(Unicorn Jelly)

Uni -A Unicorn Jelly, improbable creature born under mysterious circumstances. Loyal, but dangerous.

Construction note: Stats can be increased dramatically by hiding miniaturized components under other parts. Uni has amazing stats, all because of multiple parts shrunken, then hidden under the horn, or inside the tail!

(Unicorn Jelly)

Burangidaeni -Dropped into Tryslmaistan by Hypercosmic Rain, the Burangidaeni are friendly, but very alien.

Construction note: Fluidity of motion can only be obtained by chopping up arms or legs to use instead of relying on the spine. The spine is often stiff, and will not coil, wiggle, or move freely. This creature would not walk fluidly if I had used the spine, the actual spine has been reduced to the minimum. It's all legs!


Aealian -Creative, gentle species that yearns for the stars.


Malvician -Evolved, sapient plant entity suspicious of animal life. From my first completed graphic novel at age 11.

(Unicorn Jelly)

Kaywai - A mutant conical Jellese that is friendly and often helpful, it just wants to make people happy.


Rubber Monsters 001 - In my childhood these rubber monsters were my bestest friends. These creatures formed a team that explored the stars in my imagination.


Rubber Monsters 002 - In my childhood these rubber monsters were my bestest friends. This one was the best friend of 001 Aardpanilo


Rubber Monsters 003 - In my childhood these rubber monsters were my bestest friends. This one was the clever girl of the bunch.


Rubber Monsters 004 - In my childhood these rubber monsters were my bestest friends. This one was the witty tough guy of the team.



Ok, you're thinking, what the farg is this? 
A reasonable question, considering.

For a looong time now, I have been following the upcoming Playstation 3 game, LittleBigPlanet by Media Molecule. I've also always had a thing for certain aesthetics, among them 8-bit, which I started my messed-up games career doing graphics in, and playful, cardboard, childlike imagery. LittleBigPlanet's entire aesthetic is the latter, since the game stars little stuffed, cloth and stitches 'Sackboys' (and girls) who also happen to have Creator powers to make worlds, running in four-player mayhem through a literally endless number of photo-realistic, film-like platform landscapes that the player can not only play, but build and modify by themselves at will. Needless to say, wow.

I made a shadowbox to hang on my wall that follows the LittleBigPlanet aesthetic, and though it suffers a bit from my scanner, I thought I would share it for this Wednesday Of Wonder. On my wall, it is so arranged that the lighting shines into the box and illuminates it from within, making it an impressive portal into another world, but you can at least get the idea of the basic design of it from me slapping it on my scanner. I've put a little toy robot man in the doorway inside of it on my wall, the lighting is especially dramatic from inside the box on the little toy. I wish I was better at using Stephen's camera.

Still, that is what this is all about, and if you haven't played with cardboard box material in a while, you might consider it, it has a wonderful look to it, and it is fun to make stuff with.

Oh, and you might want to check out everything you can online about LittleBigPlanet, as it is the most utterly compelling reason -in my opinion- to consider bothering with a Playstation 3; it is absolutely the most amazing sort of game - a true system seller, innovative in every way, and I actually believe more interesting, important, and purely fun than Spore, and that is a hell of a thing to say, if you think about it.

LittleBigPlanet comes out this October, at last report.



Seriously. I mean it.
Fuck your mean, narrow god.


I was curious to see if I could do a little better
quick sketching in manga style. Dec. 2008



Ika Takozushi preproduction test page (small) for 3/9/2009


Whether it was to end spying
on US citizens, provide true
equal rights to Queer folk, 
to close US torture prisons,
or to restore the lost,
basic Constitutional rights
to Americans, Obama has
consistently refused to undo
the legacy of George Bush.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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