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Boiling Away

Wednesday 1st, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTES: A very different effect from the one in the Kamishibai, but one that is far more appropriate, and even a little horrifying, I think. Luminous Purity Column, in effect,  disintegrates into light anything inappropriate, dangerous, or touched by even a hint of anger, sadness, misery or cruelty. It also annihilates everything good, kind or joyful too, like cosmic Valium, it flattens the personality of existence itself. It does this by rewinding subtle aspects of time. The effect does not merely erase memory or annihilate matter, but literally rewinds the actual ontological events relative to a target area. It causes a specific target area to unexperience a stretch of reality itself

Another way to understand Luminous Purity Column is to consider the time travel story where a time traveller goes back in time and by some complex adventure undoes an entire causal chain that leads to some tragedy.  When the traveller returns to their own time, they find that the tragedy, and the events leading up to it, never happened in the universe exterior to the time machine.

Now imagine a focused beam that can shine a spotlight that accomplishes the same sort of result as what is described above, affecting not the entire universe, but only the target alone. The target spot has its entire causal chain undone backwards - for it alone - in time for some distance, but is otherwise unaffected. The alteration of causality does not affect the exterior universe to the target. The target is not made any younger, rather an entire chain of events just never happened to it. It is as if a given stretch of years, within a localized zone, had nothing happen in them at all, where no memories or events occured, where the turbulent and muddy sea of prior causality was made pure, flat, and calm like a clean, serene pond. Instant innocence.

It is like ironing time itself, to get the wrinkles out.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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