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This Old House

March 14th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The louvered towers of the farm houses above are the Pastellian equivalent of the Badgir, or Windcatcher of the Middle East. In the case of the cosmos of Pastel, however, such a structure is not for cooling, but instead is designed to catch atmospheric water from passing clouds. The principle for the Pastellian Windcatcher is the same as is exploited by many of the native Pastellian epiphytic plants that obtain all of their moisture from the air.

The towers collect air-borne water, and condense it on metal or stone surfaces, which then channel the drops into a central water repository, called an 'air well'. The air well is the primary source of potable water for the inhabitants. Pastellian air is denser and chemically more capable of holding water than earthly air, and thus a quite considerable amount of water can be collected using such a system.

Water will collect, of course, in any deep enough hole, and the mine shafts left over from rock quarries are commonly converted into civic reservoirs. However, this is a water source only to be found on fairly mature and well established Rectilands, and are not common on newly settled continents, especially in the frontier days.

The house above, many readers will instantly recognize, has been created by the work of the Tryslmaistan Slime, a sub-species of the Jellese. Slimes are able to digest matter and excrete it in new forms, including the distinctive egg-shell ceramic used to create Jellese cities.


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