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Do Be Polite

June 14th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  I was a little concerned about doing this page, because of the extremely graphic nature of it. On the other hand, extremely graphic images are useful and valuable.  To comprehend danger, horror, or tragedy, little is more effective than to see it firsthand. Or minus hands, in this case. Don't play with fireworks, kids. Oh, and also...don't support war in any form. An offhanded remark there...oh, I already did that joke. Boy is my foot in my mouth now. Not like the guy above, of course, but...

Hey, didn't he blow up real good? I thought so. You can avoid being horribly killed by angry outcasts simply by not insulting them. This has been a pubic service message by the National Emergency Redress Department. Drink your milk. And don't walk on my nice clean floors.

Thank you. Please drive through.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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