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All She Knows

August 31st, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Why do children love their parents, even if the parent is cruel or indifferent or just poor at being a parent? They can't help it, it's all they know. To a child, a parent is everything; food, shelter, comfort, safety, ultimately....survival. Even if the parent isn't all that safe or comforting, at least it isn't the scary big world about which little or nothing is known.

In the best of worlds, a parent will turn out to be worth the helpless, inevitable love of a child. Sadly, such a validation of a child's trust and hope does not always happen. does not even happen commonly.

There is an argument that the need of humans for gods is really just the unexamined yearning for a parental figure that can live up to the childish ideal of a parent...a parent untouched by death, limitation, or human vices such as jealosy, the need for power and domination, and petty vengeance. Of course, this does not explain why so many, easily most, gods have the manners and morals of spoiled children. Perhaps the yearning for a perfect parent drives weak hearted humans to invent gods, but a lack of imagination...or deep experience of genuinely happy things... prevents those gods from truly being kind and good?

What I do know is that poor Heliotrope, a child with only 18 hours (thus far, which includes her two previous awakenings, and not counting her infant stage as a hopping lamp) of knowledge of life in the world, is struggling to find security in a very uncertain place, and I cannot blame her for her constant insistance on defining Dr. Aoi as her parent. She must feel so very alone and uncertain...and desperate, I would think.

Aoi truly is all she knows; more than this, he himself defined their relationship during the first activation of Heliotrope.

For all of his crowing, Ransei still has much growing up to do.  

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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