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It Goes Both Ways

September 14th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: I suppose I am playing here with explaining those strange motivations that lead to great things in life. Serendipitous impulse. I have always wondered about it. Some mysterious compulsion, out of the blue, that takes command, and then, suddenly, one finds oneself just where one needed to be. At the right place, at the right time, for just what was needed or wanted or even, most astounding of all, some event that only in hindsight is seen to be utterly important and necessary to one's future.

When this happens to me, it is always interesting and exciting fun of course, but it is also kind of scary, because I have no idea at the time where the impulse will lead. It demands a kind of vulnerable trust, and I do not give that easily. But then, at the other end, is always something wonderful... a life partner, some thing I have been searching for for years, a best friend, a chance to help someone, a few times it was a  job I needed, or the help I needed, or even just twenty bucks on the ground. All because a strong feeling that drove me to go somewhere for no reason, as though it were important somehow...and it turned out to be just that. I have learned to listen for such incredibly useful impulses.

What causes these sorts of benefits? How do we know about them? Is such useful coincidence really that commonplace? Or is it something more?

I have never figured such things out, of course, but I am very grateful for the phenomena, whatever it is.

Surely everyone has such things happen. Do you ever wonder about such things?

For Fuschia, on Pastel, though, the curious serendipity compulsion has a known source. It stems, of course, from a sentient artificial intelligence linked by projection from a crystallic computation engine located in the future of another universe. And, it would seem, the communication is not just one way...apparently the godlike Tryslmaistan beings that awakened CURSOR did not intend for Fuschia to merely be a slave of a puppet. This suggests some sort of strange ethics at work, and perhaps a plan greater than CURSOR can imagine...  

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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