For September 2005


September 7th, 2005 

Almost three years...

 Goodness...September of the second year of doing Pastel Defender Heliotrope. The comic started on January 8th, 2004, and in but three months (more or less), it will be 2006. I suspect that PDH may well run longer than Unicorn Jelly did, which is something, considering.

Three months to the three year mark, and we are on page 134 now, of the story. Who could have imagined such a work could come of a tiny little Kamishibai creation? I have learned so much doing this comic, and had such fun painting with light, painting for real, on my digital canvas, with a digital pen and tablet.

There are things I wish, of course. I always wish for more readers, but I suppose every author, of any kind, always wants a larger audience! I wish my works could be considered for...oh, say...something like the Eisner Award or something amazing like that. I expect it is all I could legitimately hope is not like I create...commercially viable works. I wouldn't even know where to begin to create a commercial work, and even if I did, I doubt I could stomach it. I am driven to do the...odd stuff...that I do. But it would be neat, I must admit, to have some sort of external, authoritarian validation of my effort. That...would be pretty nifty.

However, I can take great solace in the fact that the wonderful readers I do have, for my little tales of wonder and fantasy, are exceptional people, as can be seen by even a short glance at the forum. Thank you, lovely, lovely people all. It is in your skulls that Heliotrope and her universe have their momentary life.

We are almost to a turning point in the story, for Heliotrope, now. The most crucial event of her entire artificial life.

I can't wait!  Apparently, I really like doing this story for you. Yay!




September 28th, 2005 

23rd Anniversary

 I have three spouses, Sandra, Eldenath, and Stephen. Today is the 23rd anniversary for Eldenath and myself.

I met Eldenath in a Cost Plus in the Bay Area, and it was literal love at first sight. I have experienced this phenomena more than once in my life. Each expression of it is unique, which is interesting in and of itself, but it is always incredibly profound. I would say it is definately a peak life experience. For me, each time it has happened, the result has always been a permanent relationship.

Eldenath would not let me out of her sight without gaining a promise that I would come to her house. She made me  a truly awful dinner that has become legendary in our family.

It complicated things that she was married at the time...but apparently true love, love at first sight, will accept no barriers and no limits. It must be served, it brooks no quarter, and exists outside of the world.

In short order, she was unmarried, and joined me, and we have been together ever since.

Eldenath is the most emotionally compassionate, and passionate person I have ever met. She is such to the extent of being eerily, even mystically, empathic. I have never met a more giving or attentively devoted person in my entire life.

I love her utterly. 


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